Wednesday, 25 January 2012

THE WEEK SO FAR......LESSONS LEARNT - Thursday 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day everyone....I am all for a public holiday and a day off, but why did this day have to fall on the day when my favourite class is on at the gym....Oh well, I am going to have to go for a run instead....It is only another 5 weeks till my first fun run of the year....The 5km International Women's Day Fun Run/Walk......I am able to run for 3kms without stopping (and I could probably run the whole 5km if I went a bit slower) speed for this is 6 1/2 minute kilometres...As my fitness improves, I am finding it alot easier to this speed....

This morning I had planned on goign for a run at 5.30am....I had set my alarm to wake me and go...alarm went off, got turned off and I laid in bed thinking about what to have for breakfast....I sat there contemplating having one of my favourite breakfast meals of toast from white bread with butter and a scrapping of vegemite (YUM YUM YUM).....I think when I got out of bed in my head I had convinced myself that it would be alright to have one day of unhealthy eating as I had already eatend healthy for ten solid days....After getting out of bed, and before having a shower I decided to weight myself ( was only 24 hours since I had last weighed myself)...and found that I had lost another 700g from yesterday mornings weigh in....This was the kick in the guts that I needed .  I then KNEW I would not be eating unhealthy today, as I could see the results staring back at me on the scales.....DO you know what, in the past I would have used this as a justification to eat unhealthy.....not any more, I now know what is important to me and it is losing the weight not eating the unhealthy foods that end up making me feel sick and disgusted with myself....I REALLY think that perhaps I am starting to 'get my head right'.....

My personal trainer (who is a lovely beautiful person) would always say to me 'get your head right Tracey and the weight will fall off'....I knew this, but really wasn't in the right frame of mind to actually take the steps to do anything about how I thought about food....During my PT session on Wednesday morning, I had the usual questions from her, 'how has your food been'.....My usual response was normally 'alright during the week, but on the weekend I ate crap'...well this time I was able to say (and with some pride might I say) 'Really good'.....She then looked at me and said, 'I have noticed a change in you lately, You are in a different frame of mind and I think you might have your head right'.....Do you know what Katie....I also think that I might have my head right as well....I am finding that when I am thinking of eating junk food, the desire to eat it is not as strong, and I am able to distract myself easier from eating the crap food.....not only that, I am having the cravings for the crap food less and less and thinking about what exercise I will be doing, or how I can challenge myself more with my exercise more and more.....People would say that more you say no to the junk food, the more of a habit it will become....I am tending to believe them now....

I am so hapy with my success to date, I have managed to lose another 2.2kgs this week....From Wednesday 25 January 2012, I am now down to 94.8kg....I am so happy with the progress I have made to date....I have many more kilos to lose, but I KNOW I am going to do it....I have set a target of 70kgs to lose by the time I go to Bali (which will probably be 31 July 2012)...I know I can do this...My goals during this 12 week challenge was to lose 15 kgs (this works out to be 1.25kg per week).....I didn't even factor in the 4 weeks preseason....I am still going to strive to lose the 15kgs during the 12 weeks...If I manage to do that, I will only be about 5 to 10kgs off my goal weight....and I will be in my healthy weight range....

So how have I been able to managed these remarkable results this week......well I would love to say easily....but that would be a lie...I achieved the 2.2kg weight lose, by sticking to no more than 1200calories (and this was choosing healthy foods) and exercising a SHIT LOAD.....

So since Monday 23 January 2012, I have completed the following exercise:

Monday 23 Janaury 2012 -
6.5km run/walk - 4km running, 2.5km walking burning a total of 379 calories.
RPM class burning a total of 479 calories
Pump class burning a total of 218 calories

Overall burnt 1076 calories.

Tuesday 24 January 2012 -
Attack class burning a total of 516 calories
Combat class burning a total of 625 calories

Overall burnt 1141 calories.

Wednesday 25 January 2012 -
30 minute PT burning a total of 366 calories
Boxing class burning a total of 485 calories
Pump class burning a total of 235 calories

Overall burnt 1086 calories.

So in three days, I have burnt 3303 calories, which is nearly equal to half a kilogram....Gone FOREVER....

I am hoping that my head stays in the right place for the next 14 weeks and beyond....

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