Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WEDNESDAY WEIGH IN - Wednesday 18 January 2012

So, today was WEIGH IN day.....argh the dreaded weigh in day where we all step onto those scales with anticipation, dread and just a little excitment......when we lose big numbers we excitedly get off and tell the first person that we can how much we lost.....when we don't lose big numbers we sit there with a sinking feeling in our stomachs and the negative self talk starts, 'god I worked so hard'....'what's the point in eating healthy and excercising if I ONLY lose .5kg'.......do you know what I fall into this trap as well....I know it is not right to think like this, and all the well meaning people say, 'that's great, remember a loss is a loss.....you will lose more next week' and so on...........I know people are trying to be kind and supportive, but it is really not what you want to hear at the time....so today I hopped onto the scales and found that I had lost .6kg....now initially I did have a bit of a feeling of disappointment (but it did only last for about a second) before I took ownership of my previous week and realised I was LUCKY to have had such a GREAT weight loss, when for two days I overindulged on all the foods that had made me fat in the first place (oops am I suppose to say that I am FAT...has this been outlawed yet)...so I need to realise that I had a lucky escape and make sure that I LEARN from this experience....I DO NOT want to be standing on the scales next Wednesday and continue to have that sinking feeling......Already I have found that I am holding myself more ACCOUNTABLE for my food choices....It is no-one else's fault if I reach for that chocolate bar, or have a piece of cake at the work function...this is my LIFE and my CHOICES........

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