Saturday, 21 January 2012


This week saw me commence the week with determination to eat healthy and exercise....I was still thinking about the Saturday nights effort of succumbing to the temptations of takeaway food and unhealthy snacks that were in the cupboard and was determined to not let this happen this week....So this is the week that was....

Monday - RPM (am), Pump (pm) - 650 calories in total

Tuesday - Attack (am), Combat (pm) -1034 calories in total

Wednesday - RPM (very early am), Pump (am) - 772 calories in total

Thursday - Treadmill and exercise bike at gym (am), Attack (pm) - 936 calories in total

Friday - 30 minute PT (am), Boxing (pm) - 792 calories in total

Saturday - Double class of Attack and Pump (am) - 807 calories in total

Sunday - 6km jog on beach - 383 calories in total

Making a grand total of 5374 calories for the week....Now I am really proud of this effort and am amazed that I have had time to fit anything else in the week. I have not been tired, which is good, so obviously this much exercise doesn't really hurt me that much....I cannot see that with full time work I am going to be able to sustain this amount of exercise each week, however I will give it a try...

I am starting to see some flow on affects of eating healthy and exercising as well. I think given I have limited time, I am more planned and organised. On weekends I have been planning the weekly dinners (with me even planning everything I will eat in a day)...I have found this excellent to hold myself accountable, as if I don't eat whats on my daily menu, this means I am not sticking to my calorie amounts for the day....Since the beginning of the year, I have been really good at sticking to the 1200 calories per day, with only the occasional slip up. I have found that my slip up's have only been for one or two days at a time, then I will get back into healthy eating and exercising. In the past, if I had a slip up, it would take me weeks and sometimes even months to get myself back on track....Perhaps with old age I am learning a thing or two.....

This week I have completed two of the eight preseason tasks..This was task 1 of introducing yourself and task 2 - Excuses and Solutions....I found that I have many excuses to why I don't exercise and eat healthy....Some of these excuses I have even managed to not use this week.....

Something I am really proud of this week is the fact that I have stuck 100% to healthy eating and exercise...This has been the first week of no slip ups for a very VERY long time.....I am not saying I have not thought about eating crap food because on three occasions I have....being Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and who knows, today is not over yet so perhaps I will think about having something later on this afternoon)....but I have held strong to the belief that I deserve better than I am giving myself at the moment....I have set myself a goal of losing the 30kgs by end of July (which is only 6 months away...or 28 weeks away)...Actually it is no longer 30kgs.....thats what it was at the beginning of the year....From last Wednesday's weight in it was about this is achievable and doable if I just commit to this new lifestyle of mine.....

So I think a couple of posts ago I promised to put my statistics down as this is something I have never been able to admit to people in the past (that is until I lose the weight and then I am able to say, oh by the way I was 130kg)......So here goes....

At the beginning of the year 3 January 2012:

Weight - 102.9                                                        Left Calf - 42 1/2

BMI - 34.8                                                              Left Thigh - 79 1/2

Chest - 108 1/2                                                       Left Arm - 38

Waist - 109                                                            Right Calf - 42 1/2

Hip - 127                                                               Right Thigh - 79

Thigh - 130                                                           Right Arm - 37 1/2

So with these figures in mind, my stats from my last weigh in on Wednesday 18 January 2012 were:

Weight - 97.0    loss of 5.9kg                              Left Calf - 40 1/2    loss of 2cm

BMI -   32.8      loss of 2                                      Left Thigh - 76 1/2  loss of 3cm

Chest - 103 1/2     loss of 5cm                              Left Arm - 35 1/2   loss of 2 1/2cm

Waist - 103      loss of 6cm                                   Right Calf - 41 1/2  loss of 1cm

Hip - 123         loss of 4cm                                   Right Thigh - 75 1/2  loss of 3 1/2cm

Thigh - 122     loss of 8cm                                    Right Arm - 35 1/2  loss of 2cm

So overall I have managed to lose 5.9kg in about three weeks and lost 37cm across my whole body....I am so freaking happy......Now I only really have 25kgs to lose to be at MY ideal weight.......and only another 8 measures on the BMI scale to be at ideal weight.....yeh....I am sooo going to kill this challenge and I will be FIT, FABULOUS AND HEALTHY for Bali in August.....

So, so loving this challenge still....


  1. WOW, that is amazing results! well done Tracey!
    That is a huge amount of exercise too! well done.

  2. Well Done, Tracey. What a huge effort in exercise this week.